Solar Batteries
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Solar Batteries are deep cycle batteries that provide energy storage for solar, wind and other renewable energy systems. Deep cycle battery is capable of surviving prolonged, repeated and deep discharges which are typical in renewable energy systems that are "off grid" (disconnected from the electric utility company).

In renewable energy systems, deep cycle batteries provide the energy storage for your system. Unlike your car battery, deep cycle batteries are used in renewable energy applications are meant to be discharged and recharged (cycled) repeatedly. To maintain healthy batteries and prolong battery life, most manufacturers suggest limiting the depth of discharge to about 20% (This means the deep cycle batteries will be at 80% capacity or better). At the very least, do not allow the batteries to be discharged below 50% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

Best location for solar battery installation:
Solar Batteries must be located at a cool & dry place for better useful life & efficiency.

Types of Batteries:
When selecting solar batteries (deep cycle batteries), you'll have the option to use flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries or sealed batteries (AGM or Gel cell). We offer different range of batteries for our valuable customers which range from:

                            2 Volt - 400 Ah to 1500 Ah and
                            12 Volt - 50 Ah to 270 Ah.

1 Year Warranty for Volta 
1 Year Warranty for Narada 
2 Year Warranty for DynaVolt 
3 Year Warranty for Sunlight 

Our Partners

  • DynaVolt Batteries
  • Narada Batteries
  • Volta Batteries
  • Sunlight Batteries (Made in Greece)
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