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KHS uses state of the art Seaward Solar Testing equipment for pre-installation site surveys and post-installation testing, commissions and troubleshooting of the solar system. Seaward’s Solar test equipment is one of the latest developments in the company’s long history of expertise and innovation. The Seaward Solar range bears all the hallmarks of Seaward’s high standards and attention to detail, and easily meets the requirements of IEC 62446 as well as many other national and international recommendations including the UK’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Seaward Solar testing equipment will help to assure that the solar systems installed are up to the standards. For a Solar PV Installer to deliver effective solutions, the system must be designed and installed to standards which comply with international, national or state regulation requirements. The only way to do this is to rigorously test and documents the results at the initial installation stage, and also on periodic basis, to ensure the system is still working effectively and efficiently

We provide the following tests for system optimization. 

  • Combines all PV electrical test functions into one tester
  • Records irradiance and temperature simultaneously to electrical tests being conducted
  • Stores up to 200 complete test records
  • Simple, fast and comprehensive PV testing
  • Earth / ground continuity
  • Check Open circuit voltage
  • Check Short circuit current
  • Calculate Insulation resistance
  • Monitor DC operating power
  • Monitor Operational current
  • Assess Polarity
  • Earth test lead null
  • Real time Solar Irradiance
  • Show Ambient and module temperature

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